The territory of Villasimius is characterized by breathtaking views along the coast surrounded by a sea of turquoise blue , a pristine environment , from a healthy air , the scent of myrtle , broom , the mastic tree . With its 32 km of coastline , coves and beautiful landscapes in the green, the blue sea laps against long beaches of fine sand , a sea only for the purity and transparency of its waters. A paradise from the sea bed covered with a dense sea grass , turquoise and emerald waters to the surface of one of the most beautiful seas in the world. The many beaches of Villasimius, have the color and the composition variable , changing from a fine white sand and crystal clear to a more compact and golden. The main beaches are: Simius Beach , Beach Notteri Beach, Port Rush Beach, Cava Usai, Cala Caterina , Beach of the Old Fort Beach, Porto Sa Ruxi Beach, Capo Boi , Campus Beach , Beach Campolongu , Cuccureddus beach , Spiaggia del Riso , Beach St. Stephen’s Beach Serr’e Morus Beach Is Traias Beach, Punta Molentis Beach, Piscadeddus Beach, Riu Trottu Beach, Procceddus .

We suggest you visit the following in relation to establishment "Notteri" the beach of Porto Giunco:

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