Villasimius extends from the Sette Fratelli mountain range (north-west) to the coasts of the promontory of Capo Carbonara (south-east). The mountains occupy the western side of the territory; of particular importance is Mount Minni Minni with an altitude of about 500 meters. To the west of the Capo Carbonara promontory there is the beach of Campolongu and the tourist port, while on the eastern side there are the pond of Notteri and the beaches of Simius and Porto Giunco. Two islands also belong to Villasimius: Isola dei Cavoli and Isola di Serpentara. The urban center of Villasimius is located about 1.5 km from the beach of Simius.


The territory of Villasimius is characterized by breathtaking views, surrounded along the coasts by a crystalline turquoise blue sea, by an uncontaminated environment, by a healthy air, with the scent of myrtle, broom, mastic. With its 32 km of coastline, enchanting coves and landscapes surrounded by greenery, the blue of the sea laps long beaches of fine sand, a sea unique for the purity and transparency of its waters. An authentic paradise from the depths covered by a dense Posidonia, to the turquoise and emerald surface of one of the most beautiful seas in the world. The numerous beaches of Villasimius have variable color and composition, ranging from a very fine and crystalline white to a more compact and golden sand.

The main beaches are:

  • Simius Beach,
  • Notteri beach,
  • Porto Giunco beach,
  • Cava Usai beach,
  • Cala Caterina beach,
  • Fortezza Vecchia beach,
  • Porto Sa Ruxi beach,
  • Capo Boi beach,
  • Campus Beach,
  • Campolongu beach,
  • Cuccureddus Beach,
  • Rice Beach,
  • Santo Stefano beach,
  • Serr’e Morus Beach,
  • Is Traias Beach,
  • Punta Molentis beach,
  • Piscadeddus beach,
  • Riu Trottu beach,
  • Procceddus beach.